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The first theatrical escape room in the Philippines!

In an escape room, players are locked in a room and must solve real-life puzzles to escape within 60 minutes. A “theatrical” escape room is an escape room taken to whole new level, with professional actors and actresses directly influencing the story line.

Great for company team-building activities, birthday parties, or just for fun. We are based in Harrison Plaza, Manila, Philippines.


Why play?

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To promote team building with coworkers, friends, and family.

When you’re stuck in a room with a group of people, challenging puzzles, and a ticking clock, there’s no choice but to work together to get yourself out. Invite your coworkers and see who really “works well with others”. Invite your classmates and see who gets schooled. Or invite your family for some family bonding, or will it be family blundering?

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To get people away
from the screen and out of the house.

Nowadays people from all walks of life are addicted to screens. Kids, teens, adults, even your lola (grandma) is playing bejeweled on her ipad. We think our escape room is the “real-life” alternative. It definitely beats staring into a screen the whole day.

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To bring awareness to social issues.

Even with all the props and gadgets, an escape room is empty without a message. Each “reality” reminds us how flawed our own reality is, as puzzles are directly concerned about issues such as bullying, war, Science and spirituality, global catastrophes, corruption, etc. Get ready to test your moral fabric.


To have fun!

This is no scavenger hunt. Puzzles aren’t random, they are painstakingly interwoven so puzzles flow together. Props are not only of the highest quality, but are interactive and can
either make or break your fate. This is a new form of interactive entertainment, for locals, tourists, daters, and everyone in between who just wants to have fun. And last but not the least, what sets us apart from ordinary escape rooms is that we employ real actors and actresses that directly affect the storyline. Get on their bad side and you’re history. Will YOU be the hero?

About the creator. Andrew “Drew” Buensalida spent his childhood playing all sorts of videogames, from Metal Gear Solid to Final Fantasy, from Megaman to Castlevania, taking the best moments from these games, bringing it to life, and sharing it to the world through Mastermind. His favorite books are Sherlock Holmes, Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress, and Flow. He hopes one day the world will be a techno Utopia.